Know Your Social Media Personality

Today, if you tell someone that you are not on social media, specially on Facebook, they will certainly give you a second look, ask about the reason of not being there and advice you to be there as soon as possible by telling you the myriad of fascinating things you can find there.

This huge influx of people has compelled researchers to dig into the details of users who religiously follow the updates on the fascinating social media. The latest research has categorized these users in a bunch of categories depending on their online behavior.

If you thoroughly go through the newsfeed of your Facebook or Twitter account, you will find people frequently posting political content, people begging for attention by posting vague things that can make others curious and compel them to ask for further details, parents who want the whole world to admire their cute kids and those stalking their ex’s or the ones they like and are shy to accept it publically (25% of men below the age of 35 and20% of females).

Based on this behavior the users are named as ‘prolific political users’, ‘vaguebookers (25%)’, ‘parents posting their kids pictures (88%)’, ‘oversharers’, ‘humblebraggers’ and so on. The pictorial representation of this survey is attached at the end.

More than 890 adults took part in this research and helped researchers identify different online personalities. Also mentioned in the report was the astonishing fact that many people act starkly different online. They might seem reserve or withdrawn in reality. However, when sit behind the window that opens up in a completely different world, they also alter their behavior. The reason could be the fact that there is no one watching or observing them from other side.

Good or bad, each of these personalities have their own pros and cons. A flooded screen with political messages can literally intimidate you. You might get bored of seeing the same kid with the same pose again and again. Incomplete status updates can motivate you to unfriend a friend. But you really cannot help it because by and large, every one of us falls in one or the other group of social network mentioned here. So, which one are you?


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5 thoughts on “Know Your Social Media Personality

  1. Exactly Sherry, it all depends on your online behavior. And yes, digital literacy is another milestone to be achieved if we want to keep discovering this online world sans mistrust. The categories I mentioned here are not only found on Facebook but on other online channels as well. The reason for specifically mentioning Facebook was that it is used by masses and that’s all. Even I don’t visit my FB account frequently and have moved to other options available. However,I keep checking it time to time to keep an eye on the latest happenings. You just need to keep a balance between your online and offline life 🙂
    Stay blessed !

  2. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I’m quite certain I will learn plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  3. Interesting post. I believe it boils down to what type of person you are online. So much reason to teach digital literacy and netiquette at all levels. Thanks for sharing, I really like the different categories. It’s so true, I deleted my facebook, now if you really need to be connected, there are certainly other ways. Social networks can hinder your life or increase it two folds.

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