Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan Part 1.


Karachi is a beautiful city that is home to many people but this beauty can not be preserved if the people are not willing to keep their city clean. In order to take a step forward and beautify those areas of our city once again, EFU Life initiated the project “Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan” which had been successful in painting a 2000 sq ft wall at Ayesha Manzil.


There is a great need for art in our city because no wall is safe from the spray painting, graffiti or just plain vandalism.

Painting the walls prevents hooligans from destroying such brilliant works of art and is a great way to beautify Pakistan through thematic wall art.


Another project EFU Life has successfully completed is the National Coaching Centre (NCC) Complex where a 3000 sq ft wall was painted.

This is a great initiative that EFU Life had launched because it is trying to get its message across that we all should keep our city clean and maintain its natural beauty through this selfless act!


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