Living Your Life Is #NotAFailure

Each day we see a number of sponsored or paid content on our timelines, thanks to influencer marketing. However, not all the hashtags make us click on them and follow the content.

One such interesting campaign that recently caught my attention belongs to National Food Limited. While I was reading stories on #NotAFailure, I came across this TVC on my Twitter.

The TVC beautifully portrays a very important message that women who take care of our homes in capacity of mothers, sisters and wives deserve so much appreciation. We should motivate them with compliments because this is what keeps them running.

In the East, it is usually believed that a woman is born to take care of household. She is destined to become a perfect cook, wife and mom. Though many of us have snapped out of this illusion, many are still stuck with the perception. National Foods Limited through this new campaign focused on how a woman’s life is more than just being a caretaker. She has a life of her own and should be spending time in other activities besides just pleasing everyone with her cooking skills. To facilitate the woman of the house in daily chores, National Food Limited has come up with a #Sahulat. Through ready made masalas, she can get done with her cooking in lesser time and dedicate this time towards her family or for herself.

Being a woman, I totally understand how difficult it is to spend hours in the kitchen, sometimes in hot and humid weather, irrespective of how my health is. All praises to these spices that let me try new and different recipes every time conveniently.

P.S: now that Eid ul Adha is just around the corner, I have already started stocking up on Paye Masala, Biryani and Karahi Masala ❤


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