Ab #FitHongiMein – From Jokes to Reality

There are people who always look fit despite eating pizza everyday (not literally, but yes, they eat a lot) and then there is me, always struggling with weight issues. It is not like that I have unhealthy eating habits (okay, to some extent I do have), I was born with this extra fat. While I never dreamt of shedding it altogether, I always wanted to live a fit life.


For that, I tried different diet plans but to of no use. I gained those extra pounds right after I skipped the plans, which was very irritating. Then I came across a friend of mine who used to be a bit chubby but now she is slaying a perfect figure. Up on inquiring, I got to know she has made Green Tea an integral part of her lifestyle.

Surprised by her story, I decided to take up on the challenge and having Tapal Green Tea twice a day. In fact, I replaced my regular tea with green tea, not that tea is bad, NOT AT ALL. I just wanted to see if I can do it or not.

Anyway, Tapal Peach Green Tea after meals, two times a day and within few weeks, I could feel the tight clothing fitting easily. Not only that, I started feeling more active, I believe this was due to internal cleansing, maybe.

So, if you don’t want to suffer with health conditions by breaking your banks (some diet plans are really expensive, trust me), detoxing Tapal Green Tea can be a safe and convenient option.

Tried it already? Share your story

Follow the hashtag #FitHongiMein for amazing stories.

And yes, @TapalGreenTea recently launched a great TVC featuring different stories of women, like me, who are struggling with their weight. Watch it here:


One thought on “Ab #FitHongiMein – From Jokes to Reality

  1. But I heard that creates some sort of chemical imbalance to your body. I am not sure just heard it. Did you feel strange feelings while loosing weight like vomiting or not being able to eat anything what you usually would love to eat? Share your experience please.

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